Dangers & Solutions: #1

Dangers & Solutions

We haven't reviewed anything yet, other than the context; however, here are a couple of general dangers and solutions that apply to everything...

  • Danger: Assumptions
  • Solution: Do not assume that you are safe. New threats emerge all the time, so we must establish awareness of all the different places that health dangers can come from.

  • Danger: Time. Complacency. Confidence.
  • Solution: Do not become complacent. Maintain awareness. This is the reason for the 'One Page' Guide that you can hang somewhere... something to remind you. Even after you have made everything 'perfect' in your life, you must continue to monitor for changes and new threats. Nothing stays the same forever.

There are multiple videos here, which review these same points. Very short videos, less than two minutes each, so watch both of them to reinforce these ideas.

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