2nd Ferment Midway (Text, Photos, & Video)

Midway into the 2nd Ferment

The photos and video below show what the kefir looks like during the 2nd fermentation step. I titled this 'midway' because this is what the kefir looks like after fermenting at room temperature with fruit; usually between 6 and 10 hours, depending on the actual room temperature. After this, I sometimes remove the lemon peels (or orange peels), and then place it into the refrigerator for at least another 12 hours, or for as long as a month. Peels from citrus fruit can overwhelm the flavor if left in too long, so I always remove them after 12 or 24 hours.

Banana, Mango, and Lemon are exceptional for the vitamin and enzyme content, as well as their flavor profile. I keep the lemon 24hrs or less, but the banana and mango are blended in, and keep a nice flavor for several weeks.

These two jars have been fermented (a 2nd time) at room temperature with fruit for 8 hours. One jar was stirred at the end of the fermentation. The Lemon gets removed from both jars, both jars get stirred, and then they go into the refrigerator to 'age' for at least 24hrs. TIP: The lids are closed tight for aging. (Fermentation lids, or even plastic lids are great to let the air out, so that you get a smoother kefir!! An air tight lid will produce a more fizzy kefir.

The two jars will look exactly the same after I stir the 2nd jar. The bubbles will escape, and the whey will blend back into the shake. ALWAYS stir or shake your kefir shakes before drinking, as the whey will usually separate again after a short time.

Don't worry about the top look dry or slightly discolored. That is just the yeast, and you can stir, shake, or blend it back in.

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